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i loved it, and would love a full game of this too!

i dont know what this game is but i love it <3


if would be really nice if it was touch compatible. 

i wanned to share it with some pep but they don't have a pc or a mouse to play


I could play this forever. 

Amazing work guys!


You were not kidding


The concept is really interesting and the graphics are amazing ! Great game :)

wow I could never have envisaged how funny it is to caught someone's eye this way


Absolutely will recommend to my friends.


beautiful and wierd game at the same time

so lovely! ♡ 


lol what is this? a 10 second game?

It bring common aphorism to the hillarious literal meaning xD

Short & funny! Want more!!
Here is my Let's Play (combined with another game also): 

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Really cool man, keep it up!

i really enjoyed this


I made a let's play of your silly pun filled game, and even though it was quite odd, I still enjoyed it very much! Feel free to check out my video, and I hope to see more from the both of you in the future!


I played it twice. Had fun both times, i'm still unsure about the meaning. But the lady sang and it was over.


This is really wonderful! I hope the two of you will get to team up again on more games in the future!


succinct, fun feedback wrapped in perfect execution!